Art to stem the tide of thought and belief.

A recording and commercial production studio in the shadow of downtown Minneapolis. Run by a duo of awesome creatives who voraciously consume all music. We are your future friends, and we can't wait to meet you.




Composition and Songwriting

With a huge range of musical influences, we have a versatile toolbox of sounds to draw upon to create the perfect emotional connection. We specialize in instrumental commercial background music, with a variety of licensing options that are sure to suit your needs.

Services starting at $200/song


Send us your audio files from any recording session, and we'll return a professional-sounding mix. We specialize in rock, pop, and singer-songwriter mixes for new and established artists.

Services starting at $200/song

Album Art

Pair your newest musical masterpiece with professional artwork to make a great impression. We partner with local Minneapolis designers and our own in-house creative to find the perfect stylistic match for your sound. 

Services starting at $50/hr


If you have a project that you don't see specifically listed here, or would like more details about our work, have no fear! We'd love to hear from you and discuss your project, big or small. 





Field Technique

Western Wisconsin Health


Additional samples available upon request.

Autumn Note
The little flowers of yesterday
Have all forgotten May. 
The last gold leaf
Has turned to brown. 
The last bright day is grey. 
The cold of winter comes apace
And you have gone away.
— Langston Hughes

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